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Live Ghost Pepper Starts

Order now, allow 4-6 weeks for delivery !!!

Ghost Peppers take up to 180 days to produce peppers

Get them while their HOT !!!!

Live Ghost Pepper Starts
$39.99 plus $5.00 shipping

Ghost Peppers are Perennials and can grow up to Seven Feet Tall
We use the Ship anywhere box from USPS
We ship on Mondays to ensure 2-3 day delivery
The starts are specailly packaged to prevent breakage.

Ghost Pepper Starts Ghost Pepper Starts

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Ghost Peppers
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Happy Starter Pack Customer from Arizona !!!

To Paulie:
Your plants made it to Arizona with no damage !! I am the guy in Tucson, AZ. These pics are like 6 weeks or 2 months old. The fact that you, the man , talked to ME was very inspirational. To be honest, I don't really know if these are gonna survive here. I water them every day. I move pots from sun to shade as temps go up. Now 105 and up in day. So giving 50 percent shade. Like I said on phone, I have 3 varieties: Ghost, Carribean Red Habenero, and Scotch Bonnett. I had several plants just wither and die for no reason. Now 2 are dying of a fungus or something that just made all the leaves start to wither. Including all varieties, I have about 8 healthy plants left. 3 are ghost. I will do my best and keep the faith. I will be a


Ghost Pepper Mother
ALL SAUCE is made from the Ghost Pepper Mother Seven Feet Tall
now celebrating its fouth birthday

I think this is the largest Ghost Pepper
Plant outside of India, if you have a bigger
one send me a picture. I have spent a long
time to get on this big
Good luck growing one if you try !!!

Ghost Pepper Mother
ghost pepper paste
ghost pepper chile