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Weekly Newsletter and fun Facts

Q. How hot are Ghost Peppers compared to Jalepeno Peppers?
A. One Ghost Pepper equals over 100 Jalepano Pepper.

Q. How long do ghost pepper plants live ?
A. Ghost Pepper plants can live up to seven years.

Q. How you you stop your mouth from burning ?
A. You can fill your mouth with sour cream, ice cream bread and milk.

Q. What kind of soil do ghost peppers like the best ?
A. Ghost peppers like acidic soil, and use fertilizer for acid loving plants.

Q. Where are ghost peppers from?
A. They grow in the Nepal Mountains in India..

Q. Do people in India Eat Ghost Peppers every day?
A. Yes, some people do eat them for lunch. They eat them to sweat and cool ther body temperature..

Q. How hot does it get in the Nepal Mountians ?
A. By lunch time in the summer it is usually 120 degrees.

Q. Do ghost peppers have any commercial use ?
A. Yes, when you add the ghost pepper chile oil to marine paint it stops barnacles from growing...

Q. What is the Ghost Pepper eatinmg record?
A. 60 peppers per minute. Go to Youtube and type in "Ghost Pepper eating champion India"

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ghost pepper paste
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